Jim  "Old Gabe" Langstein
Old Gabe riding "Spud" at the AMM National 2001.      (Double click photo for full size)
Old Style Trapper
WAUGH!     I be "Old Gabe" and I've been do'in this here buckskinnin for nigh on 23 years! And yep, she's been a hoot. I started out in my teens as a full-fledged greenhorn, that's a person who don't know much and hasn't spent a lot of time in the Rocky Mountain College. The college is a school that every mountain man goes through in the wilderness, plain and simple, it's time spent in the wilds and you learn from all the stuff that happens to ya. If ya die you failed.
  I belong to a group of guys that call ourselves the Poison River Party of the American Mountain Men, damn thieven cutthroats, best folks I know! We strive to learn the history and keep our clothing and gear as pre 1840 as possible. We camp in all seasons, and do it with horses, canoes, and toboggans or on foot.
  I run my hoop mostly in southeastern Utah, lots of beautiful mountains and a red rock desert. Taint no better place on earth, cetp maybe the Wind Rivers. Heck, I've done so many hikes and outings that I can't remember them all! Some times I dream of things that I've done and later think that I really did do it!
   Well, my outfit is a western mountain man from the 1830's. All my gear is as period as possible. I have a couple horses, that can and will be a pain whenever possible! My camp is usually an oilskin lean-to with tie in doors for cold weather. Buffalo robes, wool blankets and other furs make up the bed and keep me warm.
  I still trap beaver in the wintertime the old way with hand forged traps and with all my primitive gear. Camping out and doing this really gives you a feel for the time. Icy cold water and all the hardships the mountain men went through. It must be relived to really get an understanding of it. And sometimes we wish we could do it fulltime.
  I've also done demos for schools and the public at rendezvous, and we did the 2002 winter Olympics for three weeks in Salt Lake City. Camping primitive!
  For years I've been brain-tanning hides, witch I use for my clothing and other items. It never seems to end, that's the thing about this lifestyle it never gets old. There is always something to do. Well, I could go on for ever, but I'll save that for if we meet so I can tell ya stories until late in the morning.
  Given name is Jimmy Gotthard Langstein.
    p.o.box 541
  Huntington, Utah 84528

Old Gabe's "Once in a lifetime" buffalo hunt, 5 year old cow, one shot .50 cal
Winter Ride
2001 Buffalo Camp
Taos Tom, Old Gabe and Teton Todd at AMM National 2002
Griz photos taken in Yellowstone by Gabe's pappy.
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