TETONIA - Welcome to my Camp!
My Name is Todd Glover, sometimes known as "Teton Todd" among my              Mountaineer friends. Years ago,one of them  remarked "Todd, you're about as tall as the Tetons," and the nom de plume stuck. I prefer to think it's because I regard the Grand Teton's in Wyoming as the most beautiful mountains on earth and one of my favorite places to be.
I am a historical interpreter of the Western Fur Trade period. In the  many years I have been involved, it has become more than a hobby to me, it's become a passion to try to accurately recreate the material culture and life stlye of the Rocky Mountain based trappers of the 1800-1840 time period.
 I am a member of the Poison River Party  of the American Mountain Men Inc. This  group is made up of some tough, hard bitten hombres; some of the finest men I've ever known.                      

 Below you'll find a few photos of me and the boys, along with some things I've written about past trips and other topics. There's also some links to other sites I find  interesting or helpful. Browse around if you've a mind to. Drop by again sometime, things is always changing.

  Happy Trails!!
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Proper Mountaineer Clothing
On The Trail:Gear for the Period Trekker
.Quotes for Documentation
Big Horn Rendezvous
Wind River Adventure
Fur Trade Symposium 2000
(Click on the pack train to take a ride to the Poison River Party camp)
San Rafael Ride-2001
Family Photos
        PRP Booshway 2002, 2003
 UT/So ID Brigade Booshway 2011...