Poison River Party 
During the glory days of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade,(1809-1840)  fur trading companies were often divided into trapping brigades who traveled to a certain geographic area for the trapping season. These brigades were sub-divided into smaller "parties" to more easily facilitate organization.  Likewise today,  the American Mountain Men Inc., a national organization, is divided into brigades and parties. Our party is known as the "Poison River Party." The name is derived from the Malad River which runs through southern Idaho and empties into the Bear River in northern Utah. The name "Malad" comes from the French word "maladie" which means sickness or illness. Apparently some unfortunate trappers consumed some of the beaver they had trapped along the river course and became sick. It is speculated that the beaver had been eating poisonous roots and had stored toxins in their flesh. So there you have it, the "Poison River Party!"
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